TC 38/39

Crystal unit TC 38/39
Holder Type TC-38/39
Frequency Range 32.768000 kHz
Storage Temperature -55�C to +125�C
Frequency Stability at 25� C + 20 ppm
Temperature Stability + 20 ppm @ -10�C to +60�C
Drive Level 1.0 �W max.
Load Capacitance (CL ) 12.5 pF max.
Equivalent Series Resistance 50 k Ohm max.
Turnover Temperature 25�C + 5�C
Aging + 5 ppm / year max.
Insulation Resistance 100 M Ohm min.
Soldering Conditions under 260�C within 10s (Do not heat up the package to more than 150�C)
Shock Resistance 5 ppm max. (Drop test of times on a hard board from 75 cm height or excitation test with 3,000G x 3ms x � sin wave x 3 directions)
All information subject to change