Extra Mini DC Fan

General Data:
Extra Thin DC Fan 25x25x15
Direction of Rotation : Counter-Clockwise Viewed from Fan Blade
Air Flow Direction : Label Side
The Best Mounting Direction : In Any Orientation
Operating Temperature : -10 to +70 Deg.C
Storage Temperature : -40 to +70 Deg.C
Bering System : Precise Ball Bearing System or Lubricated Sintered Sleeve Bearing System
Tolerances : 15% on Rated Power & Current
Insulation Resistance : More than 500M ohm between internal stator and lead wire(+) measured by DC 500V
Dielectric Strength
(withstand voltage) :
Applied AC 500V for one minute or AC 600V for two seconds between housing and lead wire(+)
Safety Protection : Electronic locked rotor protected
Vibration : Vibration of acceleration 1.5G and frequency 5~50~5Hz is applied in the 3 directions (X, Y, Z) for 30 minutes, each direction at the cycle of 1 minute.